This is a system designed for enterprises which look for solutions to save and archive documents in one place, to have access to the documents at any time from any location without additional costs. Archived documents:

  • The accounting system can issue the following documents:
    • Invoices
    • Cash vouchers
    • Transportation documents
    • Accounting reports required for archiving
    • Cash receipts
    • Cash expenditure warrants
  • Received e-documents which can be in various formats (.pdf, .jpeg, .doc, etc). All necessary metadata can be encounted.
  • Other documents which prior to archiving are scanned and required metadata are filled in.
  • Saved information visualisation:
  • Saved digital documents, which as per the origin are digital, shall be visualised in the same way as they are printed out and delivered to the recipient. Document data at the disposition of the recipient and document data printed out from the archive shall be identical.
  • Digital documents, which are delivered to the archive after they are scanned , they have an original visual (.pdf format) so that it is possible to print out a copy.
  • Search of information in the archive enables to identify:
    • the type of the saved document
    • the number of the document
    • period
    • payer
    • receiver
    • contextual information of the document content
  • Automated metadata filling in (e.g. Invoice)

Scanned in .pdf format an invoice has a barcode. The system according to the barcode targets VVS and receives all other necessary requisites (invoice number, buyer/supplier, date, VAT, enterprise code, VAT code) and the invoice in .pdf format is placed into the Invoice register and respectively into the Archive.

e-Archive benefits:

  • Data security is guaranteed by SSL channel and user signing in.
  • Invoice archiving period is defined by the Law.
  • Saved documents register can be printed out any time
  • Numberod documents is not limited
  • Document search according to their indexes and content
  • Fast reach of the saved information
  • Access to the documents 24 hrs
  • Users are not required to install software – access to the documents is via internet browser
  • Well managed process and SIS-EDI solutions enable access to e-invoices in a paperless environment (including suppliers and buyers)
  • Is operational to archive .xml documents received via EDI
  • Possibility to use Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint On Premise
  • Investment return
  • Saved time
  • Smart prices
  • This is ecological!
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