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Organizations are thinking about information governance with a much wider lens than ever before.

Most of them understand that significant effort must meet modern demands for information security, privacy, and governance. Traditional approaches are failing to address the increasing volume of information.

The line between structured information (data) and unstructured information (content and documents) vanishes, and organizations perceive it as a significant issue.

eArchive is built upon an open-source platform—Alfresco. It enables us to solve the main challenges which our clients face regarding Content Management:

Challenge #1: Records are managed manually
Solution: Automation
One of the most effective strategies for reducing the burden and risks of records management is automation.

It allows compliance to "just happen" across the entire record lifecycle, with little or no user intervention. This greatly simplifies workload and gives managers more control.

Most organizations see automation of compliance and governance as "highly important" or "a deal changer."
Challenge #2: The volume of records is growing exponentially
Solution: Auto-Tagging
The problem goes to the basic management of document metadata. 2 out of 3 organizations cannot easily identify basic metadata like the owner and version for over 50% of their documents.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning let you extract and tag records with rich contextual metadata—automatically and at scale. As a result, you have greater control over how you classify, retain, and secure a growing store of records.
Challenge #3: Files are spread out across various systems
Solution: Federated Governance Hub
You don’t have to migrate content to manage it consistently and comprehensively. Modern governance solutions make it easy to manage content and records "in place" in their native applications.

From a single interface, records managers can apply standard policies to files housed in multiple systems. Also, federated search capabilities allow you to search all records and active content managed by a governance solution.

This means you can query multiple repositories at once, finding relevant files wherever they reside.
Challenge #4: Storage costs are eating the IT budget
Solution: Lifecycle management and cloud storage
Storing too many records for too long can be both costly and risky to business. The automation challenge goes deeper than the inability of organizations to extract value from their information. Most have failed to automate the task of even getting rid of the junk.

Many organizations are still stuck with manual retention and disposition management approaches or have just given up and collecting everything.

With eArchive, you can save money by setting up rules that move records and business files to cheaper classes of storage based on business needs. Also, automated records management helps you dispose of records when they are no longer needed.

Do you face these challenges in your organization and thinking about adapting the service for your business?

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