EEDIN – Europrean EDI Network

Sistemų integracijos sprendimai (FITEK EDI) is a member of the European EDI network EEDIN. This network brings together EDI service providers from different European countries. EEDIN network ideas and benefits:

  • The EEDIN connects your international customers easily;
  • The EEDIN is a network of the most competent SME EDI providers;
  • The EEDIN can reach hundreds of large retailers, wholesalers, automotive companies and other big players;
  • The EEDIN is located in many European countries and growing day by day;
  • The EEDIN offers professional roaming and interconnect between all countries;
  • The EEDIN combines the advantages of the “little ones”, the individual customer care, with the advantages of the “big ones” by forming a strong network;
  • All EEDIN members are certified high-quality companies;
  • All EEDIN members are full service EDI providers.


More information and contacts: EEDIN.

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