eOffice is a document management system (dms), created in Microsoft Sharepoint 2013, accessable via internet browser and is designed to enhance work with the documents, make work organization better, enhance communication management, increase productivity of the personnel, ensure good employee communication, decrease management costs.aidas.

DMS consists of three modules:

  • Management of communication and documents
  • This solution is designed to manage the flow of documents. This solution consists of four modules.
  • Project and contact management
  • This solution is designed to manage processes related to the flow of information and documents. This solution contains document and communication management and four additional modules.
  • Purchase and requests management
  • This solutions is designed to manage communication and documents, to manage projects and contacts and two additional modules.

DMS “eOffice” benefits:

  • you will manage documents, contracts, terms of vaidity, sequence of activities
  • you will manage correspondence and direct to a responsible person
  • you will delegate and control tasks and their execution
  • You will have CRM
  • You will interconnect all comments, posts, set notifications
  • you will analyse information on the sales opportunities
  • You can create and manage projects
  • You can utilize employee data base, scheduling, etc

More information www.ebiuras.com

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