Data transfer platform SAF-T is a web application built especially for communication purposes with the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate (STI). Requested data can be selected from different systems, aggregated, and automatically sent to the SAF-T platform through web services.


Modular construction means easy adaptation to any changes in STI requirements.
Handling and transforming data into XML from any file such as xls, csv, txt.
Virtually unlimited size of handled files.
Permissions management (admin, user, guest).
Graphical analytics.

The solution can be implemented in customer's or cloud system SAF-T international standard for exchanging accounting data. This standard is actively used in European Union in general and in Lithuania particularly.

It allows automating the accounting data extracting from the company's ERP and sending them automatically to national tax authorities or auditors whenever needed.

Federal authorities usually give a short period for presenting the accounting data. It is essential that the submitted data would be correct and transparent. This implies not only extraction but data review and editing if needed.

Sometimes data may be kept in several sources that make it more complex for gathering and analyzing.


Data collection from several sources – databases, files of different formats, etc.;
Data validation – accordance to structure requirements, empty field searching and correcting, etc.;
Aggregated data crosschecking;
Archiving of formed XML files;
Display and editing of collected data before generating XML file;
Automated export and submitting of required XML file to STI;
Display the aggregated data's errors and collisions.

Solution objectives

1. To make the accountant data presenting to national tax authorities or auditors easy, flexible and fast.
2. To provide the possibility of collecting data from several predefined sources.
3. After the data is collected, give the opportunity to clean, restructure, edit (if needed), and save the data for further processing or transfer.
4. Presenting ready data to national tax authorities or external auditors in a defined format.

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