Lithuanian stakeholders signed a Memorandum of eCMR

The Ministry of Economics and Innovation, the Customs Department, the State Tax Inspectorate, the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (hereinafter – LTSA), the National Information and Communications Technology Sector Association “Infobalt” and the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association “Linava” signed a Memorandum of understanding on digitalization of cross-border road freight transportation.

As announced by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, this project aims this project aims to enable business to optimize processes and integrate activities into a common network of information systems. This initiative comes from the Interreg BSR Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO) project, which aims to stimulate the digital economy and accelerate the creation of a Single Digital Market in the Baltic-Nordic region.

“Sistemų integracijos sprendimai” (FITEK EDI) is a one of the initiators of eCMR in Lithuania and is working closely with “Infobalt” association on this issue. Rišardas Bedulskis, CEO of the company (in the middle of the photo), had the honor of attending the signing of the Memorandum and discussing about eCMR with the Authorities.

Read more about it in the EIMIN and in the DIGINNO sites.

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