System interchange with Smart Tax Administration System (i.MAS) solution M2M (Machine to Machine), used by JSC System Integration Solutions are called Si.MAS



In cooperation with the team of experts we created a platform for the data transfer to Tax Inspection i.Mas. Currently this platform performs automatic data exchange with i.VAZ and i.SAF. As soon as Tax Inspection opens data exchange with i.SAF-T the same functionality will be available. SiMAS platform facilitates also creation of XML files, screen information, edit, monitor history of activities. Our objective is to support business to implement data exchange with iMAS in an easy and fast manner. Data can be collected from your systems and transferred to i.MAS automatically, by using web-services. The platform has module design which enables to chose functionality.

S-i.MAS standard functionality

SiMAS platform achitecture

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 20.35.46

ERP – accounting management system;
WMS – warehouse and/or transportation management or respective partner system;
DB – S-iMAS data base, where operations and documents are stored;
ODBC – PI of data base management, responsible for relations with other systems;
Management – a level of management, reached via browser, enabling to create and control routes and route related information;

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