Data transfer platform solution is built for communication purposes with State Tax Inspectorate’s (STI) i.MAS (i.VAZ, i.SAF, i.SAF-T). The data can be selected from different systems, aggregated, and automatically sent to STI i.MAS through web services.


Sender - With Alfresco’s document and data search feature, you can access any old or new file in seconds instead of searching thousands of folders to find the file you need. It’s easy to share a found file with other users.
Selector - A module formats data (XML, CSV, XLS, SQL) into the needed i.VAZ format.
Manager - The module which collects needed data from the systems.


Data collection from several different sources – database, files of other formats.
Data validation – accordance with structure requirements, empty field searching.
Crosscheck of aggregated data.
Display the aggregated data’s errors and collisions.
Display and editing of collected data before submitting.
Automated export and submitting of required XML file to STI.
Review of communication history with STI i.MAS via log.
The archive of formed XML files.


Virtually unlimited size of handled files;
Handling and transformation to XML of data from any data file: xls, csv, txt;
Modular construction means easy adaptation to any changes in STI requirements;
The solution can be implemented in customers or cloud system;
Mass production software solution – the platform is developed in mind to fit 90% of requirements from any customer. This brings cost savings and experience;
All files are transferred to STI i.MAS automatically, using web services (when such services are available from the STI side).

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Application built for communication purposes with the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate

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