“System integration solutions” joined “SmartLog” Project

In 2018, the first international Blockchain Technology Center in Europe was launched in Lithuania to help the start-up community to engage with investors. The mass media and the general public are constantly talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which may change real money in the future. Public and business sectors are increasingly talking about decentralization of information, openness and data protection. “Systems Integration Solutions” are also up-to-date with today’s issues and take a solid step in Blockchain’s world of technology, contributing to the SmartLog project from Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

“Blockchain” is a distributed database used in the constantly growing list of records and consists of so-called “blocks”. Blockchain typically manages a peer-to-peer network. Due to its structure, blocks are basically resistant to data modification. From a functional point of view, a block template can be an open book that can efficiently record transactions. The system can also be programmed to automatically activate transitions. Blocks are a safe and distributed computing system example with high resilience, a decentralized consensus achieved through a blocking chain. This block is very suitable for recording various events, medical and other record-keeping activities, such as identity processing or transaction processing. Initially, this technology was used to manage Bitcoin cryptographic currencies, but Blockchain has started operating in almost every industry in recent years. This technology has a strong global potential due to its three core principles of decentralization, openness and protection, which are particularly attractive to today’s society, where there is no trust in intermediaries.

About SmarLog project

SmartLog is a research and proof of concept project which aims to reduce overall cargo unit transport times in two of the European main TEN-T transport corridors – Scandinavian-Mediterranean and North Sea-Baltic. The project consortium is made up from six organizations from four countries in the Baltics: Kouvola Innovation Oy as the lead partner from Finland, Tallinn University of Technology, Valga County development agency and Sensei OÜ from Estonia, Örebro Region from Sweden and finally Transport and Telecommunications Institute from Latvia. The project is funded through European Union’s Interreg Central Baltic program, and it has a runtime of three years, starting from September 2016 and ending in the summer of 2019. The project idea was originally conceived in late 2014, when the blockchain mainstream phenomena was just about to pick traction, and the general IoT discussion was starting to pick up the concept of blockchains and the possibilities they could offer to industrial scale use cases and implementations. The idea and the concept which followed was greatly improved through extensive talks and sparring discussions with John Cohn, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist at Watson IoT headquarters in Munich. The project is divided into five distinct and parallel streams of activity. Administration and Communications aside, the focus of the work is in Development, Research and Field work packages. Development WP is responsible for the blockchain software development and eventual implementation in the pilot company context. Research WP is responsible for gathering data from the companies and from the SmartLog blockchain itself, and formulating the conclusions on how exactly this technology, implemented in this way, will affect the operative and business processes of the pilot companies. Field WP is responsible for identifying, contacting and working with the logistics industry companies in the target geographical are, and ensuring that the solution offered corresponds to the real problem.


Taking into account the SIS experience, we were selected for testing, deployment, distribution and attraction of partners and clients in Lithuania. Our company sees the benefits of this system: the system is implemented using the UBL standards used by Delivery and eInvoicing projects, which provides additional synergies to the ongoing activities and the possibility of closer cooperation with EU partners and the implementation of new technologies in the next generation logistic supply chains.

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