Digital logistics platform

What is eFTI platform?

eFTI platform works together with the transport and logistics sector. It aims to allow the logistics companies to store and share their active digital logistics documents. To understand this solution better, here are nine benefits which the solution gives:

  1. Reduced administration costs
  2. Faster administration
  3. Control and monitoring of the shipment
  4. Data accuracy
  5. Reduced delivery and reception discrepancies
  6. Logistics go green.
  7. Less workload and papers for drivers.
  8. Quicker data transfer B2G and B2B
  9. Less time at the borders.

The solution is based on an application programming interface (API) deployed using a distributed ledger technology (DLT) approach and platforms through API. It makes transport operations faster, simpler, and more efficient by providing digital services that allow all the supply chain stakeholders to exchange information smoothly and work better, closer together. However, the eFTI platform solution can fully function when an internationally connected digital ecosystem is available, which would allow the data exchange on those documents to be easier throughout other countries and their governmental institutions. That is why eFTI regulation was introduced by European Commission in 2020 August which will fully take place in 2024-2025. According to this regulation all governmental institutions from Member States will be obligated to be able to receive digital transport documents.

We can adapt eFTI platform to your company’s needs. You can contact us via email [email protected] if you want to learn more about how it can contribute to your company

The DIGINNO and DIGINNO-Proto projects

The DIGINNO and DIGINNO-Proto projects prioritized eCMR exchange, and the DINNOCAP project seeks to channel the results of the preceding two. The DIGINNO-Proto project (2019-2020) was launched to build and test an eCMR prototype and facilitate international sharing of eCMR data among partner countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The DIGINNO-Proto project's Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland implemented and tested the eCMR prototype 1.0 in two stages:

  1. Architecture development took place between August 2019 and January 2020. The idea was refined in collaboration with the project team, including mapping the proposed solution's functionality and writing the specifications and tender documents.
  2. Between April and September 2020, technical development was conducted by contractual partner Systems integration solutions, UAB, which won the international public procurement process, and testing took place in four countries.
  3. In the end of 2021 eCMR 2.0 prototype (DINNOCAP) was finished developing and tests were conducted between governmental institutions and logistics companies from 5 countries.

    To address cross-border regulation requirements, the European Commission approved the eFTI Regulation in summer 2020, and further delegated and implementing acts are being drafted. Parallel to this, the expert group DTLF conducts political and technical specialists from EU member states. Apart from the law, the subject of green e-logistics generates intense debate.

You are more than welcome to try it! If you find this solution interesting you are more than welcome to test it! Contact us via email [email protected] if you want access to the system. If you already have access to the system download the .XML files down below.

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