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Blockchain makes difference

Greater Transparency
Today we rely entirely on intermediaries, middle-man-type organizations like banks, government, or credit card companies, to establish trust in our economy. Overall they do a pretty good job, but there are a few disadvantages.

One of them is centralized data storage. And because they store your data on their own servers, this data can be hacked, changed, deleted, or used against you.

Blockchain technology lets you own your data because it is decentralized and easily traceable. That's why Blockchain will build real trust in Europe.
Enhanced Security
Blockchain has two components that make it unbreakable: a) asymmetric cryptography and b) distributed systems.

Understanding these two conditions that non-other technology has, lets us say that it's the most secure technology ever created.
Increased Efficiency and Reduced Cost
Most of the time, for most services, middle-man-type organizations are unnecessary, costly, and slow the whole process.

Blockchain technology eliminates them with the help of smart contracts. Such a contract can execute predefined actions in a linear sequence on the conditions you agree with.

Fast, cheap, secure, and transparent.

The time when Europe will become paperless is just around the corner. We live in an era of increasing connectivity, followed by the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people within the European single market.

EU countries are already using digital solutions as part of their own digital infrastructure, enabling citizens, businesses, and institutions to share official documents conveniently. Although, full-digitalization will bring us exceptionally fluent and secure cross-border and cross-sector services.

While regulations are being put in place so that Europe transitions to a trustworthy digital society, there is also a lot happening at the technical level.

European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) is a platform on which Europe's digital future is built. It's a network where members can use the infrastructure to cooperate, connect existing, or integrate specific cross-border services.

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Save money with secure, one-click blockchain document signing.

No one talks about signing paper documents anymore. In today’s world, the main criteria for a cutting-edge digital signature solution are non-repudiation proof, a faster process, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.
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CorpoSign PAY
Request-to-Pay (RTP) is a new secure messaging service that allows businesses and individuals easily and safely settle bills with customers, suppliers, and friends through an online platform or a mobile app.

RTP, like SEPA Direct Debit, will soon become a standard for national and international payments within the EU. And CorpoSign Pay will be one of the first payment service providers to assist businesses in accepting Request-to-Pay.
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CorpoSign DID
CorpoSign DID is a decentralised identity framework that uses blockchain and cryptographic technology to easily identify and connect people with government, businesses, data, and services.

This app is a novel and unique method of authorizing users. CorpoSign DID is a wallet that lets users to store verifiable credentials and generate verifiable authorisation presentations. A verified credential, like an e-passport, may be used for any business or legal document.

Users are regaining ownership of their data and identities thanks to CorpoSign DID's decentralized, self-sovereign, privacy-preserving, and user-friendly nature.
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Content Management Platform for Enterprises

Designed to help organizations manage information workload, simplify access to poorly structured content, and ensure data security.

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Data transfer platform solution

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Application built for communication purposes with the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate

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How to create and implement services to Europe as a Single Market?

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