eCMR – a Look into a More Frugal Future

March 1, 2021

Every business owner spends round amounts on sheets of paper per year alone. For those sheets of paper on which everyday documents, statements, invoices are depicted. However, each sheet has its place, but what to do for those who have to carry them on a long-distance journey? 90 % of the private companies and associations indicate the non-acceptance of electronic transport documents by Member State authorities as a significant driver of the problem.

The objective of eCMR prototype was to create paperless logistics internationally. One of its aim was to allow service providers to check the availability of CMR transport documents of the foreign road carriers driving through their territory in a secure way.

The prototype was created between Baltic countries, Poland due to their thousands of shipments which are made daily accomponied by all the documents and public authorities. Not so long ago,  CMR were only used in paper, which was time-consuming and costed a fortune. Luckily, trends in EU digitalized CMR and that is how eCMR was introduced.

The prototype development team contains DIGINNO,  govermental organizations, logistic associations and much more. The project itself was guided by the Ministry Of Economics And Communications. Futhermore, the technical solution was provided by Fitek EDI (also known as Systems Integration Solutions)

The first testing of this digital road took place in August-September 2020 between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Its main pupose was to prove benefits to all the parties through the practical experience and get a direct feedback which is important for further steps. Meanwhile is Lithuania the prototype is not used at the moment, but the eCMR document is recognized by Lithuanian law, but standarts for an international eCMR record is not established yet.

As a result, we save time, costs, and protect nature itself. If the whole European Union were to unite, we would save 900,000 trees a year if we would use paperless solution just like eCMR.

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