eCMR and EBSI. What to expect in the future?

September 7, 2021

“Technology is best when it brings people together”- Matt Mullenweg. 

What is eCMR?

eCMR is a platform that works together with the transport and logistics sector. It aims to allow the service providers to index their active eCMRs and the controlling institutions to check the availability of CMR transport documents of the foreign road carriers driving through their territory in a secure and trustful way. With the indexing service and the indexing number of an eCMR, the appointed government institutions of the involved country would see where the eCMR is stored and receive agreed available data. To understand this solution better, here are five benefits which the solution gives:

  1. Logistics go green.
  2. Less workload and papers for drivers.
  3. Quicker data transfer B2G
  4. Less time at the borders.

How does it work?

The solution is based on an application programming interface (API) deployed using a distributed ledger technology (DLT) approach and platforms through API. It makes transport operations and eCMRs faster, simpler, and more efficient by providing digital services that allow all the supply chain stakeholders to exchange information smoothly and work better, closer together. However, the eCMR solution can only function when an internationally connected digital ecosystem is available, which would allow the data exchange on those documents along the transport corridor.

eCMR integration with EBSI

As mentioned before, eCMR is built on distributed ledger technology (DLT), another known as Blockchain technology that works closely with EBSI. Therefore, the main aim of eCMR integrating with EBSI would be to ease logistics. 

EBSI: The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) network of dispersed nodes spread across Europe that uses blockchain technology to offer cross-border public services. And it suggests several use cases, and one of them might be integrated into eCMR. 

SSI (self-sovereign identity) is one of the EBSI use cases that allow citizens and product users to charge their data. The SSI identification system enables users to utilise their digital wallets to verify their own identity using their credentials. As a result, they no longer must hand over ownership of their personal information to hundreds of databases each time you want to access new products or services, risking having their identity stolen. 

How will it work? The company will issue a VC (verifiable credentials) to the user/driver, and they will have their wallet ready with their complete data. If the user/driver is required to share data cross-border, they will share only the data they want, for example, name, last name, and nationality. As well as with the help of eCMR, the customs officer will be able to see cargo goods in their system without a need for paper documents.

We are working with both projects separately, but there are plans to integrate them both, as mentioned above. So if you had any ideas whilst reading or want to be a part of the development, contact us by the form down below and let's talk!

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