"eDeliveryLT" Project is Gaining Ground

September 17, 2018

As previously announced, Systems integration solutions, UAB, and partners are implementing the “eDeliveryLT” project. The project is successfully developing, so we provide a bit more information about it:

Problem. By 2017, Lithuania was one of the few EU members states 2017 without access to the EU platform for essential services in the EU’s single digital services infrastructure, thus excluding cross-border digital services.

Meanwhile, Lithuanian business with the institutions, economic entities and citizens of the EU is changing daily in large volumes of documents. However, it practically cannot send and receive these electronic documents in an interactive, secure, reliable and legally recognized way. Such a cross-border exchange of electronic records is facilitated by the electronic delivery of digital services block (building blocks).

Opportunities. The EU encourages the EU Member States to engage in the development and use of cross-border digital services, providing Member States with access to EU trans-European networks and providing financial support for developing such services through projects of common interest. The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is the main instrument for delivering EU financial support for trans-European networks and building blocks for building digital services from now on “digital service blocks”), such as electronic delivery eDelivery, eInvoicing, eID, eSignature, eHealth, eTranslation.

The Project. Seeking to set up eDelivery in Lithuania, the European Commission has provided financial support from the CEF to implement the project “delivery” (Project No 2016-LT-IA-0080, Contract No. INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1284783).

The project value is 248.810 Eur, the partners’ contribution to the project is 62.202,5 ​​Eur.

Duration of the project – 2 years: starting on 2017-04-01, the project’s expected end is 2019-04-01, the beginning of the electronic delivery service is scheduled to be 09/01/2018.

Partners. The project “eDeliveryLT” is being implemented by “Infobalt” (Coordinator) together with partners – Systems integration solutions, UAB, UAB “Skaitos kompiuterių services” and Public institution “eDeliveryLT”. The latter is responsible for the further support and development of electronic delivery.

The project aims to create an Access Point with Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) for cross-border exchange of electronic documents and test this access point’s operation for one year. This will enable the Lithuanian business entities to exchange electronic documents both at the same time and at the EU level.

For eDelivery, “eDelivery LT” intends to use the B2A (Business Institutions) script, approved by the PEPPOL organization and compatible with the B2B (business-to-business) script. Compliance with the requirements for electronic identification and electronic transactions ensures legal certainty and reliability in the cross-border transmission of electronic documents, while the interface with the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) provides secure and convenient document transactions.

The Electronic money delivery will enable interoperability at the EU level and among the EU Member States, regardless of which standards are used in each EU country.

Also, by creating electronic delivery in Lithuania, as one of the EU Common Market and the Schengen area, it can be expanded beyond the EU, particularly in the EU Eastern Partnership countries, from where large flows of transport, goods and services come.

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