EEDIN – European EDI Web

June 25, 2019

System integrations solutions, UAB are a member of the European EDI network EEDIN. This network unites companies providing EDI services from different European countries. Ideas and goals of the EEDIN network:

  • EEDIN easily connects your international customers.
  • EEDIN is a network of the most competent EDI providers for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • EEDIN can reach hundreds of large retailers, wholesalers, car companies and other prominent players.
  • EEDIN is present in many European countries and is growing daily.
  • EEDIN offers professional roaming services and connects all parties.
  • EEDIN combines the advantages of “small” and “large” market players to form a strong network.
  • All EEDIN members are certified high-quality companies.
  • All EEDIN members are professional EDI providers.
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