EU4Digital – Another Step to Brighter Future

April 23, 2021

Harmonization of digital economies is one of the main policy objectives of the EU to bring positive benefits to people in the Eastern Partnership. EU funding in this region channelled through the EU4Digital Initiative, which puts together priority actions and programs in the sector. EU4Digital seeks to expand the Digital Single Market of the European Union to the Eastern Partner States to develop the digital economy and community's capacity to bring economic prosperity, create more jobs, better people's lives, and support enterprises.

Via the program, the EU is supporting the removal of roaming tariffs, the introduction of high-speed broadband to improve economies and extend e-services, organized cyber protection and the harmonization of digital systems across society, in areas ranging from logistics to health, improved skills and job growth in the digital sector. The EU4Digital project is working to extend the Digital Single Market's advantages between the EU and Eastern Europe through several projects to expand the digital economy, generate new opportunities in the community, support enterprises, and foster economic development.

Typically, Ukrainian firms use paper-based diplomatic arrangements to cooperate with other nations. In other terms, corporations use documents to register and support contracts with members of various companies. This method is time-consuming. One party signs and seals a paper agreement to achieve a consensus and sends a second paper contract via an international transport service to its business partner. Essentially, all parties first establish, accept and sign a contract in electronic format and then begin a long sequence of cross-border "transportation" of that document. There is also an alternative: one party is sent directly to the country of its business partner (by standard air or road transport) to retrieve the original text.

Main partners from the Baltic area were Systems integration solutions, UAB taking a step by step with the partners Ernst & Young Baltic UAB were creating a prototype which would help Eastern European countries to go paperless and step closer to the paperless world!

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