CorpoSign DID manual

June 1, 2022

Action model scheme

1. Issuer Links

Contact your administrator to obtain user logins.

2. Links for holders

push onboard with captha:

go to Mobile Wallet:

then we get QR code:

Next, open the CorpoSign DID app on your phone and go to New Wallet:

Write Wallet Name and Create New Wallet.

We provide access to these credential type to people who have a wallet:

We show how one of the credential type can be connected. (Others make equivalent connections)

Go to Link, select the credential you require, and click Generate:

Choice enwidece type and click NEXT:

a) eID evidence

b) internal evidence type

Get QR code:

Go to your phone's CorpoSign DID app wallet and tap the QR scanner button.
The credential will be created after you receive notified to accept it. :

3. Verifiers who accept credentials

Go to , "VP" and press "Login using Power of Attorney VP"

Get QR code :

Using your mobile wallet, scan the QR code.

Attach credentials:

request credentials:

Then you'll be assigned to serve

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