March 7, 2022October 7, 2022

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the ESSIF-Lab Project funded under grant agreement No 871932.

SSI based authorization for cross-border government and business representatives in logistics

SIS is developing an SSI solution in the e-Government area that will enable government and business organizations operating in the cross-border logistics ecosystem to authorize their representatives in order to perform appropriate actions on behalf of the organization using an ecosystem-specific scheme (with required attributes). ESSIF4Logistics involves effective application (including issuing, exchange, and consumption) of SSI verifiable credentials in the cross-border logistics ecosystem, incl. government and business representatives verifiable credentials (mandates).

One of the biggest challenges of smooth cross-border e-CMR process adoption (a CMR is a waybill which is often inspected by controlling agencies such as the police, customs agents, etc.) is conditioned by the lack of harmonized approach and technical solution enabling to authorize representatives electronically. There is a consensus of the logistic ecosystem community (representing >0.5 million transport organizations are registered in the EU and government authorities acting in the field) on the need for a interoperable and scalable solution for authorization of natural persons representing a legal person (government and business organizations) in the cross-border e-CMR process as current authorization methods (eID, eSignature) have limitations – it is not possible to name a person's relationship with the organization, as well as it is difficult to grant access to act in the company’s name to employee if he works in a different country than the company is based on, etc. Lack of such a solution results in inability to ensure interoperability, security, and to prevent fraud. ESSIF4Logistics will allow to authorize the representative (by issuing him verifiable credentials). It will ensure better governance, security, interoperability, will become an enabler to speed up the eCMR development/implementation process.

Systems Integration Solutions developed eCMR Index registry 1.0 and 2.0 prototypes as part of Diginno-Proto and DINNOCAP projects. As the existing solution's authorization method (OAuth 2.0) is sub-optimal, the logistics ecosystem community expressed the need to change it to the novel approach – SSI based authentication for better governance, security, and interoperability.

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