The New Name of UAB "Systems Integration Solutions" – Fitek EDI

August 14, 2019

UAB System integration solutions changed its name to UAB Fitek EDI. The name is being modified by successfully implementing the integration process between companies, which started at the beginning of 2018 when UAB Fitek LT acquired a controlling stake in SIS.

“In the year and a half since the acquisition of SIS, we have expanded our portfolio of services and created unique solutions based on the good experience and competencies of both companies. By concentrating services under the common Fitek brand, we will be able to provide information to customers more clearly and improve their experience,” says Audrius Kirklys, General Manager of UAB Fitek LT. According to him, by combining the SIS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system and Fitek LT document digitization services, companies have access to highly efficient account management solutions. “Documents, regardless of their presentation and format – electronic, paper or PDF – are digitized, and their data automatically travels to the client’s accounting or business management systems. In this way, the probability of manual work and errors decreases, and processes become faster and more transparent,” says A. Kirklys.

In addition to electronic data exchange, the companies’ service portfolio includes the automated purchase account management platform FitekIn, sales invoicing solutions through various channels, e. archive creation, data conversion and uploading services to the STI i.MAS and other systems administered by state institutions.

Fitek LT and SIS customers include retail, gas station networks, banks, telecommunications, utilities, insurance logistics, manufacturing companies, hotels, restaurants and other organizations operating in the Baltic States that need to manage financial document flows effectively.

Due to the name change, the terms of service for existing UAB System integration solutions will not change. UAB Fitek EDI will continue all contractual obligations.

About Fitek LT :

Fitek LT has been operating in Lithuania since 1998. company revenue in 2018 amounted to 4.854 million. Eur, net profit in 2018 amounted to 254,000 Eur.

From the 2nd of April 2019, Fitek LT is part of the UnifiedPost Group of financial technology companies based in Belgium.

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