Virtual Conference of an eCMR Prototype Development Using Blockchain Technology

July 23, 2020

Virtual Innovation Network virtual conference took place on 2002 June, in which Fitek EDI team presented the supervising eCMR prototype. The event focused on the project activities developing the electronic consignment note (eCMR) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Inna Nosach from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications presented the prototyping process from the perspective of DIGINNO-Proto at the event, introduced the audience to the challenges and plans related to the digitization of the logistics process in Europe. You can view her presentation here.

Fitek EDI representative Greta Gelgotaitė presented the progress of prototype development, DLT technology, which is used to create the prototype. Emphasizing that the prototype is, in fact, an eCMR index registry system: a system for exchanging information in the public part of a CMR document between different countries, she presented the principles of how the prototype works. After the presentation, the company’s director Rišardas Bedulskis answered the conference participants’ questions about the development of the prototype, the technology used and the next steps. You can view the presentation here.

The Fitek EDI team together with partners in the DIGINNO-Proto project has won a public procurement tender and since 2020 April develops eCMR prototype for testing between four countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Experts from Intepia OÜ (Estonia), Bunasta Group (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland), PPL 33-35 Ltd. work in the partner team together with Fitek EDI specialists. (Ukraine). With a large international group, we are pleased with the smooth and quality piece of creating the prototype.

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