Why the world needs an eCMR solution?

May 26, 2021

We are thrilled and beyond proud of our CEO Rišardas Bedulskis which has joined an eFTI working group as InfoBalt chairman of the Digital Leadership Committee. eFTI is an electronic freight information working group that encourages freight digitization of transport and logistics. On the same note, let us look at one of our solutions related to logistics – eCMR.

As it was mentioned before, eCMR is a paperless solution for logistics. Its aim to allow the service providers to index their active eCMRs and the controlling institutions to check the availability of CMR transport documents of the foreign road carriers driving through their territory in a secure and trustful way. With the indexing service and the indexing number of an eCMR, the appointed government institutions of the involved country would be able to see where the eCMR is stored and receive agreed available data. To understand how good this solution is, here is five facts that will prove that we need eCMR:

  1. Logistics go green. 
  1. Less workload and papers for drivers.
  1. Quicker data transfer B2G
  1. Less time at the borders.
  1. eLogistics perspective.

The solution is based on an application programming interface (API) that was deployed using distributed ledger technology (DLT) approach and platforms through API. However, the eCMR solution can only function when an internationally connected digital ecosystem is available, which would allow the data exchange on those documents along the transport corridor.

Interested to know more about the solution? Contact us at [email protected] and we will consult you!

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