System Integration Solutions Introduces CorpoSign, an Innovative Decentralized Identity Wallet

October 4, 2022

Systems Integration Solutions LLC is a Lithuania-based company specializing in innovative technical solutions in information technology. SIS is working with the EBSI blockchain infrastructure to create EIF, European Identification Framework.

In the early months of 2018, the EU and the Member States concluded that blockchain technologies offer too many advantages to be ignored by the public sector. From superior capabilities of guaranteeing privacy to robust security, this cutting-edge technology had answers to some of the most pressing concerns regarding public data collecting and processing. 

Several months later, the member states of the European Union, Norway, and Liechtenstein set off the EBP – European Blockchain Partnership. The main goal of this project was to create a well-structured European blockchain infrastructure that could be used to cater to commercial needs and purposes. 

Merely a year later, European Blockchain Partnership recognized several use cases for blockchain technology in the public sector.

European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) was meant to enable people to control digital identities and securely authenticate to government and corporate websites; the possibility of issuing digital diplomas would significantly reduce the costs of verification; automated notarization could improve data integrity by integrating digital audit trails, and more. 

Systems Integration Solutions, UAB, an SSI and EBSI expert, as well as the leading Lithuanian information technology company was tasked with creating a comprehensive solution that would encompass the aforementioned use cases and blockchain benefits, and thus CorpoSign DID was born. 

System Integration Solutions set out to create a special SSI solution in the field of e-Government that would empower government organizations and corporations residing in the cross-border logistics ecosystem to “authorize their representatives in order to perform appropriate actions on behalf of the organization using an ecosystem-specific scheme.”

The company’s spokesperson spoke about CorpoSign DID, its use cases, and how it was meant to reshape the landscape of technology European governments can leverage to ensure more efficient and secure data handling.

CorpoSign DID is a “blockchain-agnostic, decentralized digital identification platform.” It is comprised of three separate products, including CorpoSign DID Issuer, Wallet, and Verify. 

“CorpoSign DID is a decentralized identity framework that uses blockchain and cryptographic technology to easily identify and connect people with government, businesses, data, and services. Verifiable credentials based on EBSI & W3C standards are interoperable all over the world and, like private letters, may transmit any form of document or data in a substantially more sophisticated and secure manner,” said System Integration Solutions’ spokesperson.

The CorpoSign DID advantage lies in the streamlined process of simultaneous login, authentication, and KYC (know your customer). This innovative solution enables CorpoSign users to control how their data is used, processed, and collected. CorpoSign’s decentralized identity makes it a “self-sovereign, privacy-preserving, and user-friendly” software that anyone can use and benefit from.  

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